Split System Air Conditioning Installation in Hervey Bay and Maryborough

Watkins Electrical provide durable and reliable split-system air-conditioning installations and cleaning services to Hervey Bay and Maryborough residents. As local electricians since 1951 with offices in Hervey Bay and Maryborough, we’ve developed our technique and skills to keep up with the latest developments in air-conditioning technology. You can trust us to keep your home cool and install units diligently and efficiently.

We’re extremely lucky to live on the Fraser Coast; it truly is one of the most beautiful parts of the world that people travel a long way to visit. One trade off to our beautiful landscape however, is the extreme heat and humidity we get every Summer. To cope with the heat, we stock high quality split-system air-conditioning units, designed for the Summers we get in Queensland. You’ll be pleased with the durability and energy efficiency of our air-conditioning units.

When performing our quote for an install, we evaluate the existing electrical componentry of your home and notify you of any necessary modifications, such as an upgrade of your switchboards. Our skilled team of electricians carefully analyse your needs and recommend a system suited to you, or alternatively, they can install an air-conditioner that you’ve already sourced yourself. Please give us a call for an on-site quote for air-conditioning installation.

Air Conditioning Cleaning:

We recommend cleaning your air-conditioners every 6-12 months to avoid air contamination. By not having your air-conditioning units regularly cleaned, you could be potentially exposing your household to mould and bacteria. Furthermore, clogged filters can block air pressure and limit the efficiency of your air-conditioner. Watkins Electrical provide extensive air-conditioning cleaning that ensures energy efficiency and clean air flow.

Air Conditioning Installation

Get in touch to request a quote for split-system air conditioning installation. Call Watkins Electrical on (07) 4121 4294.