Commercial Security and Flood Lighting Solutions

Watkins Electrical provide commercial and industrial businesses in Hervey Bay and Maryborough with a range of commercial security solutions including flood lighting. Our security and flood lighting solutions are suitable for a range of different applications from warehouses and factories through to football fields and schools. Our team of professional electricians design and install systems that are customised to suit your security and lighting needs while running as efficiently as possible. Visit our projects portfolio to see some of the different commercial projects that we have worked on over the years.

We currently have two offices established in both Maryborough as well as Hervey Bay, ensuring that we have a team based at each office who are able to service the needs of our clients quickly and professionally. This means you’ll never have to wait long to have someone visit on-site to discuss your requirements. We also have an emergency 24/7 service available so if you need urgent repairs or you’d prefer that the work takes place outside of standard business hours to reduce disruption to employees or customers, we can arrange that.

For more information about our commercial flood light and security systems, give the team at Watkins Electrical a call on (07) 4121 4294.

Increased Site Security:

Flood lights are imperative in keeping your facilities safe at night, and preventing any injuries in dark lit places. For our industrial customers with warehouses that need heightened security, we select specific lights and adjust the brightness to optimise the visibility on any CCTV camera systems you have installed.

Repairs, Maintenance and Upgrades:

In addition to designing and installing commercial lighting solutions, we are also available to repair or maintain an existing system as well as upgrade you to a newer system. This is especially relevant if your facility has grown and you need to extend your existing flood light system to the new areas, or if your existing system is old and inefficient.

Book a Commercial Security Lighting Consultation

Get in touch to organise an initial on-site consultation to discuss your commercial facility and its security and flood lighting requirements. Call (07) 4121 4294.