Residential Solar Power Systems: Installation, Repairs and Maintenance

Watkins Electrical are local Hervey Bay and Maryborough electricians, specialising in the installation, repairs and maintenance of solar power systems. We have a team of nearly 20 staff, allowing us to have technicians specialised in the design and installation of solar power systems that suit the needs and budget constraints of our customers effectively. Please give us a call to arrange an on-site quote from one of our electricians. For solar-powered water heating, please visit our hot water systems page.

Investing in solar power is a fantastic way to save money for property owners that don’t want to pay to be connected up to the power grid, as well as for people planning to stay at their current residence for a few more years to come. It is also a much more environmentally-friendly option for supplying electricity to your home and appliances.

Solar Power Systems: What Are My Options?

You’ll have the option of a grid solar install, or a hybrid battery install. Hybrid battery installations are perfect for complete off-the-grid living; you won’t have to pay another electricity bill again! The power generated by your panels gets stored in an on-site battery so you’ll still have power on overcast days.

The problem with hybrid battery installations is that, because battery technology is still in development, initial implementation can be quite expensive. Grid solar installations, on the other hand, utilise the electric grid and the energy generated by your solar system collectively to power your house. installs are great for people who don’t have enough space or budget for a complete hybrid system.

Our range of domestic systems goes up to 10kWh and are designed by our technicians specifically to suit your needs, rather than installing one-size-fits-all products that can look bulky and out of place. We use high quality inverters from exclusively selected suppliers in our installations and maintenance because of their fantastic quality and customer service. We can however install an inverter that you supply.

Solar Power System Installation

Get in touch to organise a quote for solar power system installation on your property. Call Watkins Electrical on (07) 4121 4294.