Solar Power Repairs and Maintenance

Watkins Electrical has offices in both Hervey Bay and Maryborough which enables us to provide locals with efficient response times for solar power repairs and maintenance services. We employ a large team of local electricians, allowing some of our technicians to specialise in solar power design and maintenance so that we can provide the best possible service. In addition to our committed team of professionals, we stock only the highest quality components to make sure that once we’ve fixed the problem, we won’t be back again for a long time.

We also provide emergency services via our 24/7 phone number. When you’ve lost power, and need someone there urgently, don’t hesitate to call us. A professional technician will be at your property as soon as possible.

For more information regarding our solar power repairs and maintenance services, please contact the team at Watkins Electrical today on (07) 4121 4294.

Solar Power Cleaning Services:

It’s important to have your solar panels cleaned once a year to ensure their efficiency, this is especially important in dustier environments. Most people on grid solar systems don’t usually realise there’s something wrong until they get their power bill. Watkins Electrical are experienced in the maintenance of solar power systems and when cleaning your solar panels, we also audit the effectiveness all components of your solar system to ensure that it is running as efficiently as possible.

Solar Power Repairs:

We carry all the most common components for solar power systems on hand to ensure we don’t have to return again later. Our components are of the highest quality, and we only use SMA inverters because of their quality and commitment to customer service. Our skilled technicians are experienced in the design of solar power systems, and can easily identify faulty components in your system, potentially saving you money from other solar repairers who may insist on complete system replacement.

Solar Power Repairs and Maintenance

Give the team at Watkins Electrical a call on (07) 4121 4294 to organise an annual clean or repairs for your solar power system.