Commercial Solar Power System Installation

The team at Watkins Electrical specialise in industrial and commercial solar power system installations in Maryborough and Hervey Bay. We are proud to work with our clients to install innovative solar power solutions that have been designed specifically for commercial and industrial applications. As a fellow local business, we value and commend the commitment that businesses, small and large, make to the local community. We work efficiently and cautiously to ensure that there are no disruptions to the day-to-day operations of your business. Our team of professionals includes solar design specialists, who evaluate your needs and develop a design best suited to your business. Please send us an inquiry to organise a consultation.

We believe that investing in solar is a wise decision, not only from a costs perspective, but also from a brand image and marketing point of view. Businesses who take on solar power usage and advocate their usage to the public are applauded by locals, and are exposed to audiences that prefer goods produced or sold sustainably.

You’ll have the option of a solar and grid install, or a solar battery hybrid install, with the latter using solar panels entirely to provide power to your facilities. We recommend the battery hybrid option to most of our commercial and industrial clients because it allows them to reduce high electricity costs in the long run. All our solar power systems for our commercial customers are custom designed based on the client’s needs, property size, electricity usage and any planned growth on the facilities.

Repairs and Maintenance for Commercial Solar Power Systems:

In addition to our specialised commercial solar power solutions, we can provide ongoing maintenance and support for our customers to keep their systems running efficiently, and repair them immediately in the event of an emergency. This includes cleaning of your solar power systems, as well as evaluations of all the components in regular intervals to ensure they’re operating as efficiently as designed.

We encourage this proactive method to our commercial and industrial clients to prevent costly outages and inefficient systems. Furthermore, we can combine this with commercial electrical maintenance of the rest of your property.

Commercial and Industrial Solar Power Solutions

Give the team at Waktins Electrical a call today to start discussing the installation of a solar power system for your commercial or industrial facility. Call (07) 4121 4294.

Solar Power Repairs and Maintenance

Watkins Electrical has offices in both Hervey Bay and Maryborough which enables us to provide locals with efficient response times for solar power repairs and maintenance services. We employ a large team of local electricians, allowing some of our technicians to specialise in solar power design and maintenance so that we can provide the best possible service. In addition to our committed team of professionals, we stock only the highest quality components to make sure that once we’ve fixed the problem, we won’t be back again for a long time.

We also provide emergency services via our 24/7 phone number. When you’ve lost power, and need someone there urgently, don’t hesitate to call us. A professional technician will be at your property as soon as possible.

For more information regarding our solar power repairs and maintenance services, please contact the team at Watkins Electrical today on (07) 4121 4294.

Solar Power Cleaning Services:

It’s important to have your solar panels cleaned once a year to ensure their efficiency, this is especially important in dustier environments. Most people on grid solar systems don’t usually realise there’s something wrong until they get their power bill. Watkins Electrical are experienced in the maintenance of solar power systems and when cleaning your solar panels, we also audit the effectiveness all components of your solar system to ensure that it is running as efficiently as possible.

Solar Power Repairs:

We carry all the most common components for solar power systems on hand to ensure we don’t have to return again later. Our components are of the highest quality, and we only use SMA inverters because of their quality and commitment to customer service. Our skilled technicians are experienced in the design of solar power systems, and can easily identify faulty components in your system, potentially saving you money from other solar repairers who may insist on complete system replacement.

Solar Power Repairs and Maintenance

Give the team at Watkins Electrical a call on (07) 4121 4294 to organise an annual clean or repairs for your solar power system.

Residential Solar Power Systems: Installation, Repairs and Maintenance

Watkins Electrical are local Hervey Bay and Maryborough electricians, specialising in the installation, repairs and maintenance of solar power systems. We have a team of nearly 20 staff, allowing us to have technicians specialised in the design and installation of solar power systems that suit the needs and budget constraints of our customers effectively. Please give us a call to arrange an on-site quote from one of our electricians. For solar-powered water heating, please visit our hot water systems page.

Investing in solar power is a fantastic way to save money for property owners that don’t want to pay to be connected up to the power grid, as well as for people planning to stay at their current residence for a few more years to come. It is also a much more environmentally-friendly option for supplying electricity to your home and appliances.

Solar Power Systems: What Are My Options?

You’ll have the option of a grid solar install, or a hybrid battery install. Hybrid battery installations are perfect for complete off-the-grid living; you won’t have to pay another electricity bill again! The power generated by your panels gets stored in an on-site battery so you’ll still have power on overcast days.

The problem with hybrid battery installations is that, because battery technology is still in development, initial implementation can be quite expensive. Grid solar installations, on the other hand, utilise the electric grid and the energy generated by your solar system collectively to power your house. installs are great for people who don’t have enough space or budget for a complete hybrid system.

Our range of domestic systems goes up to 10kWh and are designed by our technicians specifically to suit your needs, rather than installing one-size-fits-all products that can look bulky and out of place. We use high quality inverters from exclusively selected suppliers in our installations and maintenance because of their fantastic quality and customer service. We can however install an inverter that you supply.

Solar Power System Installation

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